Welcome to the Freestyle & Freeride Team of the ESS Les Paccots

Do you have a good level of skiing or snowboarding?


Do you like jumping, off-piste skiing, exploring the snowpark ?


Then join the freestyle & freeride team and discover new sensations !

Children and teenage courses

The Freestyle & Freeride Team was born a few years ago. At the beginning, it was mainly frequented by the children of our ski instructors. It now consists of a friendly team of riders from different horizons. A mixed team, united and ready to help each other when it’s time to find a ski in the powder or to learn new tricks. If you ski at Les Paccots, you probably saw them skiing down the powder fields at full speed or walking up alongside the snowpark kickers 😉 Motivated?? To join the Freestyle & Freeride Team: you must be between 6 and 18 years old, be a good rider on and off piste and have a great motivation to surpass yourself, to try new tricks… The course is open to both girls and boys. The Freestyle & Freeride course is :

  • A course of 6 sessions minimum, extensible at the end of the season for the super motivated. Classes take place on Wednesday afternoons, Saturdays and Sundays. The course programme is adapted to the snow conditions.
  • Price for the 6 x 2 hours course: 175.-
  • Trampoline training and foam bins in the pre-season.
  • Trips with parents to other ski resorts after that Les Paccots closes.
  • An evening at the end of the season with the screening of the film that retraces your exploits.
  • Advice on equipment to prepare you for the new season.


Do you have any questions? You want to join the Team?


Then contact / Office ESS +41 21 948 78 86

Adults courses

 21 948 78 86A course for adults, opened during the weekend. This course is designed for good on-piste and off-piste skiers, regardless of age or gender. Learn how to ski more efficiently off-piste, learn to jump, discover avalanche safety equipment and much more.

Do you have any questions ? Ready to surpass yourself ?


Then contact / Office ESS +41 21 948 78 86