Message from the Chairman

ESS Les Paccots 75th Anniversary (1938 - 2013)

Since the begining in 1938 until now, What has made advance our School? From the recent graduated ski teacher to the best of our instructors, passion is what drives us all. Enthusiasts who decided to transmit every day the bases of the winter sports to all ages students. But before the technique and the postures, the recipe of knowledge mainly resides in the transmission of desire, emotion, pleasure and discovery.

Along the years, the winter sports has evolved like the technique and equipment. Teaching has also changed and the school, has been able to adapt, always looking to give the best of itself through different personalities who have built the history and the everyday life.

Consequently, season by season, the School has left its trace over the future, without forgetting that if we can celebrate its 75th Anniversary, is because their seniors have built and set solid bases.

It is often said that the more years have the birthdays, most remembered they are. This is my wish for 75th Anniversary.




Jacques Berthoud
ESS Les Paccots Chairman